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Help more patients.
Grow your practice.

An evidence-based, patient-centered, consultative sales training program designed to benefit your patients and your audiology practice.


The Program

Evidence-based consultative sales training program for audiologists and hearing care practices.

Content at Your Pace

Accommodates individual learning styles and schedules


Learn to move patients from ambivalence to treatment using communication strategies developed specifically for healthcare providers.

One-on-one Coaching

Receive customized support and training as you move throughout the program.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Changing the clinician's mindset

In order for clinician's to fully utilize later content in the course, they must first examine their own attitudes towards consultations and better understand the psychology of their patients.

What's NOT required for the program:

Often, when trying to enhance your practice, many of the options are time-consuming, costly, and unreliable.

Black Puzzle Pieces

No new software

New software can be expensive and time-consuming to learn.

Network Hub and Cable

No new equipment

Similar to software, new equipment is costly, time-consuming, and requires space.

Globalization concept

No additional advertising

Also expensive, and the return on investment is never easy to predict. As a matter of fact, you may even be able to cut back on advertising, if you choose.

What IS required for the program:

If you want to increase the number of patients your practice helps, we just ask for these three commitments.

Light Bulb

An open mind

A willingness to learn and grow while implementing new techniques during consultation appointments is key to your success.

Desk and Mirror

Time to reflect and practice

By joining the program you agree to commit time and energy to learn and practice your new skills and techniques.

Close-up of businesswomen fist bumping while greeting during coronavirus pandemic..jpg

A desire to help

"Helping not selling" is our core ethos. We only will work providers who share this value.



Who We Are

The Successful Patients Training Program was developed by Bradley Stewart, Au.D. and Thomas Goyne, Au.D. as a way to help audiologists help their patients towards better outcomes. 

Both Stewart and Goyne have extensive backgrounds in training and mentoring future and current audiologists and both have successfully utilized the techniques and skills highlighted in the Successful Patients Training Program in their own clinical work.


Dr. Goyne maintains an audiology private practice in the Philadelphia suburbs and mentors current and future doctors of audiology. Dr. Stewart built and sold a private practice in Dallas and is now a consultant to audiology practices.


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Ready to help more patients, more consistently?

Book a one-on-one discovery call to learn more and decide if the program is a great fit for your practice. 

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